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Vintage Watches vs Modern Watches

Posted by Vault 303 on

In the present watch collecting landscape, there has become a clear trend of divisiveness between vintage watch collectors and modern watch collectors. While the two categories of timepieces do share some similarities, there are some interesting difference and nuances between the two categories. 

With modern watches, box and papers are weighed more heavily than in vintage. If a watch is within 20 years old, the generally accepted cutoff of modern, there is a higher chance that the watch can come with box and papers. Prior to this time period, watches were less of a collector item and more of a utility or jewelry piece. Now, collectors are much more inclined to hold on to these as part of a collector set. 

With vintage watches, collectors typically view the condition much more carefully. In the yesterdays of watches, an owner would be comfortable polishing their watch over and over, just so long as it continued to look shiny. Today, the trend is that collectors want their pieces to be in original condition, with less metal missing, even if it means scratches or dents on the case. 

While we provided these two considerations in vintage vs modern watches, of course there are many others. Stay tuned for further posts about the considerations, differences, and similarities between vintage and modern watches. 

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